Our Collection

“An ode to Ethnicity with simplicity” Plunging into the Shades of traditional Indian textiles, With the tints of moderness, Hues of contemporary style, And colors of authenticity; We design stories for you

Ethnic Wears

Let your Indianess glow with our traditional Indian outfits

Modern Sets

Outshine your classic style with our contemporary silhouettes

Our Story

LEEHAAZ is a story of three young entrepreneurs who came up together to bring the rich culture and heritage of Jaipur in their clothing brand wishing that it reaches all around the world. We believe in providing the finest form of clothing to our customers. From sourcing the fabrics to stitching the details, everything is done in- house! Part of our collection represents the authentic & hand block prints of Jaipur.


LEEHAAZ ensures to provide the best outfit looks for every special occasion and comfortable clothing for every day.



The Joy of Dressing is an Art

From The Directors’ Desk

Be yourself, wear your best and the world will adore you!! – SIMRAN
Do not just wear the clothes, wear the confidence that you can carry in your every outfit!! – ANKIT
One doesn’t need a perfect body to look graceful; you just need a perfect outfit to stand- out in the world!! – MUSKAN

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